The Worst Times to Dump Someone

When the time comes, and it’s time to break up with someone, you must tread lightly. Choosing the appropriate time, place, and method is important, and is highly subjective, but there are certain situations that are, in any situation, wrong.

1.  Right After Sex

Maybe you realized right at climax that you weren’t in love anymore. That doesn’t constitute an excuse to get up, put on your clothes and say “thanks for the two years, but I need to move on.” By waiting until you’re both dressed and not panting heavily anymore, you’ll ensure that they will still have their dignity once you leave.

2. On a major holiday

This meaning their birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, etc. These holidays are “couple’s” holidays, and if you dump someone on these days, you’re basically scarring them for life. Women, especially, tend to remember breakups like a traumatic childhood memory if they occur on a special day. Be nice and wait a week.

3. In front of their friends or family

Even if you’re out at a bar with friends, and you get into a near-violent argument over your relationship, do not end it while their friends are staring right at you. Not only will you embarrass them, but you are immediately making enemies of 10 of their best friends, something that could end up putting quite a damper on your social life.

4. By ignoring them

The true sign of a coward, breaking up by just ignoring calls and e-mails is bound to backfire. While it might seem easier at first, what will you do when they show up at your house demanding an explanation? You will be forced into the exact confrontation you were trying to avoid, except multiplied by however many days you’ve ignoring them. Get some courage and you will feel better about yourself in the long run.

5. Via phone call, text message, or e-mail

Technology has made our lives easier in just about every aspect of our lives, including the initial asking out on a date. However, the process of breaking up should remain strictly in person. Not only because it would be impersonal and cold-hearted, but because giving your soon-to-be ex the chance to respond thoughtfully and without interruption could eventually reverse the breakup… we’ve all heard people sobbing on the phone, e-mailing suicide notes, and sending a ¬†string of 37 text messages all begging to be taken back. By sitting down and having a legitimate conversation, you will ensure that the person knows you are serious. And in breakups, being firm and serious is of utmost importance.