Tips For Getting Out of the Friend Zone

You know the feeling when you’re out with your friends, and there’s just one in the group who catches your eye more than usual? Maybe you’ve known each other for years but you suddenly realized you want more than friendship between the two of you? Or perhaps you’ve been in love with them since day one, but nothing ever happened between you? This, as you know, is the friend zone. It’s boring and exciting at the same time cause you’re constantly wondering if they feel the same was as you. You’ve got to get out of this torture somehow, so why not give it a chance and try to make your friendship something more? Here are some methods that might help you get out of the friendzone.

1) Stop using friendly terms– buddy, friend, dude, man… al of these are terms you use with friends, and if you’re trying to be more than friends, this is the first step to showing them you’re tired of being platonic.

2) Get dressed! Instead of strolling out of the house in last nights makeup or sweatpants, take the time to get ready and show your best side. Maybe they’ll take a second glance this time!

3) Date other people! Instead of concentrating all your brain power on this one person, get out there and meet other people, maybe give online dating a whirl on sites like Perhaps when your friend sees you getting cozy with someone else, they’ll wonder what they were waiting for!

4) Don’t go overboard. There is no reason to become someone you’re not just to impress them. In reality, you might just like them because they’re “off limits”

5) Ask them out already! Continually flirting and dreaming of being together isn’t going to get things done. On one hand, you could be missing out on moments to spend together. On the other hand, you might be barking up the wrong tree!