Tips for Nude Sexting for Guys

As we slip into another weekend of 2020, you may be chatting with singles and thinking about going from text to pics, that is to say, nude pics. If you are a woman, you likely have been perfecting this skill for years, but sending nude pics as a guy requires a little more finesse. Luckily the experts over at VICE have some advice for fun, sexy, respectful sexting for guys.

Leave your ego at the door

“Before going all in, consider what the receiver actually likes, and whether what you’re sending is actually going to be pleasurable for them to receive.”

Tease before you go all the way

“Teasing involves sending a couple of cheeky – but not explicit – texts to see if your partner is in the mood. This is a crucial step to test the waters. If you don’t receive an enthusiastic sign of consent, don’t continue with the more intense stuff, be it images or explicit descriptions of sex.”

Give fair warning

“I’ve been seeing this guy, we often exchange photos throughout the day,” she said. “We got into the habit of writing ‘NSFW’ so we can open texts on our own terms whenever we feel like it.” 

Don’t half-ass (or half-dick?) it. Doll her up!

“There’s nothing worse than a rushed, half-assed picture with your balls all scrunched up inside your half-unbuttoned jeans,” Frida said.

It doesn’t have to be your junk

“Consider zipping it up and getting creative. Highlight another body part you think a partner might find sexy: your legs, your back and bum, your hands or your chest.”