Top 10 Reasons The Spark Will Fizzle

The movie Hall Pass is a comedy about a man and wife who get so sick of each other that the wife gives the husband a “Hall Pass,” or a week off marriage to do as he pleases. To accompany the release of the movie, a UK company decided to poll a population of married couples about the unfortunate fizzle that comes with marriage. Along with the sad news that the “7 year itch” is now a “3-year glitch” (couples are now claiming to lose interest and begin taking each other for granted after 3 years instead of seven), they came up with a list of the top ten reasons that make people lose interest in their partner. The results were as follows:

1. Weight gain/lack of exercise, 13 percent

2. Money & Spend thriftiness, 11 percent

3. Anti-social working hours, 10 percent

4. Hygiene issues (personal cleanliness), 9 percent

5. In-Laws/extended family – too much/too little, 9 percent

6. Lack of romance (sex, treats etc), 8 percent

7. Alcohol – drinking too much, 7 percent

8. Snoring & anti social bedtime habits, 6 percent

9. Lapsed fashion-Same old underwear/clothes, 4 percent

10. Bathroom habits – Stray nail cuttings etc, 4 percent

So basically if you want your marriage to work you have to remain a sexy gym rat who likes to spend money and works 9 to 5 and showers twice a day and doesn’t have any family and is romantic and doesn’t drink and doesn’t snore and dresses nice and cuts their nails in the garage. EASY PEASY.