Top Online Dating Tips for Men

We see online dating tips all over the web, all the time. Unfortunately, they’re usually all pretty much the same, and don’t lend much insight to the intermediate dater – someone who has some experience but just needs a little advice to get them out of a rut. Over at ChristianPost, however, we came across a pretty good list of tips for men that will help improve their chances in online dating. They may be geared towards eHarmony users, but they work for everyone! Check em out:

Take a Second Look at Your Settings

When someone is having issues with getting matches, it is often times because their settings are just too restrictive. Take another look at them, and consider being more flexible. If you are confused – eHarmony’s Customer Care team is great at helping with your eHarmony profile!

Don’t Give into the Fear…

…of rejection! If you reach out to someone and never hear back, move onto the next. Don’t look back or think about why she never contacted you – because you will never know why. Concentrate your energies on future matches.

The Age Thing

40 is the new 30 these days, so consider being more flexible about age. The perfect, gorgeous woman for you could be just a year or two over your age limit, so think about expanding those preferences. In any case, increasing the age range of matches will give you more to choose from!

Post a Variety of Photos

Including one photo of yourself is not really enough. Women want to get a sense of who you are – and this can be done through photos very easily. Love dogs? Then post a pic with one. Love your nieces and nephews? Then show that side off too. You are pretty much guaranteed more communication if you have a nice mix of photos displayed. P.S. Recent photos only, guys!

No Three Word Answers!

Many men seem to be at a loss for words – literally – providing some of the shortest responses we have ever seen. Take a little more time to communicate on that profile, and if you are still at a loss, enlist your sister or gal pal to help with some of those important descriptions. One final piece of advice: You have to stand out, so be interesting. Share the parts of you that are cool and worthy of discussion. But you have to be normal as well. You can discuss your porcelain doll collection on the 10th date. Not in your profile.

We love all these tips, especially the one about making sure your settings are correct and to be open-minded to an older woman. So often men think they should only scope out younger ladies – but their dream woman might actually be their senior!

Thanks, Christian Post, for some great new online dating tips!

What are your most important (maybe not so common) tips for online dating? Let us know in the comments!