Traveling Together

Whether your idea of fun is a relaxing beach getaway or an exciting camping trip, travelling with your significant other can do wonders for a relationship. Bring it back from the brink of death, revive a stagnant sex life, or even bring a new couple into love. On the opposite end, though, is the very true fact that a disastrous trip can ruin a great relationship.

1. Compromise

When going on a trip, it’s necessary to make sure you don’t allow small arguments to ruin the trip. By making small compromises on things like where to eat, hiking trails, or budgets, you’ll ensure that the time you spend together isn’t spent arguing over things that don’t matter.

2. Plan ahead

Spontaneity¬†is always fun, but you should make sure you’re both on the same page about being spontaneous. If your girlfriend wants to plan out everyday and you’re more into playing it by ear, you’ve gotta discuss it beforehand.

3. Know each other

Guess what will ruin your trip faster than a broken leg? Finding out your boyfriend doesn’t like insects when all you wanted was to climb through an insect-infested rain forest. Sometimes going on a trip with your significant other reveals traits about them that you hate, leading to the world’s most expensive non-married break up.

4. Discuss your budget

No one enjoys talking money (except for really rich people) so discussing how much you are willing to spend can be awkward. But it’s incredibly important to do so before you plan the trip, or you’ll risk either you or them running out of money before you even leave the house.

5. Don’t plan too far in advance

You never know when a break up might go down. If someone cheats or you just realize you don’t like each other, you’ll have the unfortunate task of deciding whether to suffer through the trip or pay to cancel it, neither of which are fun.