Try Video Dating!

While spikes in Coronavirus outbreaks are still happening around the world, studies are showing that singles are hungry to get back in the dating game. They miss making connections and the thrill of hitting it off – but how do you do it safely?

A tip from USA Today – go on a video date! Let’s say you are chatting with someone online, are really vibing, and want to get a little closer, but don’t quite feel comfortable enough to break quarantine just yet. By using Zoom or Google Hangouts to see each other face-to-face, you can get the idea if you really think meeting in person is a must. What are the benefits of a video date?

There’s less pressure on a video date because you’re in the comfort of your home, wearing your choice of attire.

“You can have multiple dates in one night,” she says. “You’re not paying for anything, they’re not paying for anything… There’s no expectation about kissing or sex.”

While we don’t necessarily hate the “expectation about kissing or sex”, we do love the idea of multiple dates in one night – a sort of dating tapas platter, instead of binging on one giant meal. You can try a little bit of everything – or should we say everyONE – and really learn a bit about yourself, your tastes, and what you’re looking for when it comes to in person dating.