Types of Dangerous Men

Look, we’re back with a new post to counter act the “types of dangerous women.” We’re sure women are gnashing their teeth, thinking, hey! There are even worse types of men! And although “worse” is a subjective term, we’ve got to agree that the opposite sex has its fair share of terrible personality traits as well, so here are our top 5 picks for the types of men that are dangerous to date.

1. The Paranoid Guy

Jealous would be a kind term for this gentleman. Not only does he not trust you around other guys or your friends, but even spending time with your family seems to bother him. He doesn’t like you dressing provocatively or talking to new people. He only wants you to see him ever, but has no problem leaving you high and dry if he has other plans. Usual reasons for the extreme paranoia are that he has a ton of baggage from a previous relationship, or (oddly enough) that he’s actually cheating on you.

2. The Pretty Boy

We all want a guy who will take care of himself… shower, wear deodorant, maybe get a hair cut every now and then, etc… but if you start dating a guy who is taking more time than you to get ready, using your eyeliner and spending more money than you on hair product, it might be a sign that he’s still on the prowl.

3. The Child

It’s okay to enjoy your youth. It’s even alright to revisit it occasionally. But if you start dating a dude who owns more video games than forks, you will be stuck in a rut until you break off the relationship. Just avoid it altogether or be forced to smell like marijuana smoke until you’re 30.

4. Damaged Goods

They’ll blame it on past relationships, bad parenting, a life changing experience, or other terrible things. Perhaps you met them on SingleParentsMingle and they’ve got major issues with a child. And while you should have compassion for their misfortunes, you aren’t their therapist, and your emotions and psyche don’t need to suffer because of theirs. Direct them to someone who gets paid to listen, and move on, sister.

5. Sir Thinks-With-Penis

He’s probably extremely good looking and possibly very good in the sack. It’s fun to see lots of girls checking out your man, but if you start noticing him looking back, or doing more than looking, it’s time to move on or you’ll very likely find yourself cheated on in the future.