Types of Dangerous Women

Men and women both can be seduced by one feature of their mate. It could be their looks, their money, or the big L-word, “love.” Whatever it is, both men and women are guilty of staying in relationships when they are obviously, painfully wrong.

The key to avoiding the on and off dating situation, is to steer clear of getting into these relationships in the first place. Let’s start with the top 5 dangerous women you should avoid, and then stay tuned tomorrow for the top 5 dangerous men!

1. The reckless lady

She drinks too much, probably dabbles in the drug scene and is easily pulled into a fight or argument. Although at first she seems like the most fun woman you’ve ever met, her poor choices and tendency to choose booze over coffee at breakfast are going to pull you into a rut, full of missed conferences and bad hangovers.

2. Miss Green With Envy

A little jealousy goes a long way. A lot of jealousy, though, will ruin a relationship. If you can’t go out with your friends or chill out alone without her incessantly texting and calling and thinking you’re cheating, do not get into a relationship with this girl.

3. The Missionary

She loves you, wants to marry you, thinks you’re the greatest thing in the world, and is perfect, as far as you can tell. The catch? She wants you to convert to her religion/political affiliation/etc. It’s not worth the trouble.

4. The… er. “Free Spirit” (Re: slut)

She claims to just not enjoy the standards of today’s society. Monogamy isn’t her thing. Fine, awesome, whatever, but if you’re looking for a relationship and she’s looking for a sexual partner, avoid this woman. You will only end up getting hurt.

5. The clinger

When you say it out loud, it sounds strange: “I just can’t stand that she wants to be around me all the time.” It should be known that a clinger is not jjust someone who wants to be around you all the time, it’s a woman who doesn’t want you to ever do anything without her. She wants you to call to “check in,” and she hates your friends. Don’t start anything with this girl, because along with being a hard person to date, she’s an impossible person to break up with.

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