Woman Uses Dating Site to Get Free Dinners

This is one of those stories that is deserving of the Twitter trend “#SMH,” or shaking my head – that incredulous feeling you get that leaves you so shocked and appalled you can only shake your head in disbelief. According to Business Insider, a young woman in Manhattan who was having a hard time keeping up with her bills decided to use a popular dating site to her advantage: by letting men take her on dates and buy her dinner.

According to the article, her $45k salary wasn’t cutting it and it became nearly impossible to pay her credit card bills and nearly $1500 a month rent in the Murray Hill section of the city. Instead of say, downgrading her apartment to one that didn’t cost almost half her monthly income, she decided to sign up for the dating site Match.com and began letting men take her out for dinner. A lot.

The 23-year-old singleton “started eating out five nights a week using a rotation of different guys she met through the dating site,” with a simple rule of never going on more than 5 dates with the guys. Then, we presume, she dumped them like last week’s fashions and found new gentleman callers to feed her stomach (and clearly, her ego).

We can’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of rage for a woman who specifically went on a dating site to lead men on. While many of the guys she met probably felt strong feelings for her, and had hopes that the dating would progress to something more, this entitled you-know-what was going home with a full stomach and a cold cold heart.

We sure hope that wherever she is, she’s feeling at least a tinge of guilt for abusing the system so viciously. And to any other women considering this evil tactic – #SMH.