Your Dating Profile

So, you’ve decided to try out online dating! Perhaps you’ve decided you want to meet someone based on their values, beliefs, and hobbies, instead of getting hit on by drunk guys at a bar. Or maybe you’ve noticed the same women out every night, all who aren’t looking for a guy at all. Whatever your reasons are, congratulations. We’re sure you’ll find that online dating is a whole new world, and a great step to meeting, and potentially falling for, a person who is totally on your same page.

The first step to meeting someone great online isn’t searching the internet, it’s searching within yourself and figuring out what words describe you, what you’re looking for, and where you want to go in life. Choosing the right dating site and setting up your profile is the most important part of your online dating experience. If you are Christian, Catholic, or Jewish, looking for someone who shares your faith,  you might want to start at Christian Mingle, Catholic Match, or JDate.  On the other hand, if you are looking for something casual, you might want to try Casual Click, where a less serious approach to dating is not only expected, but encouraged. And finally, if you’re a single gay guy or lady, you should start at, the largest gay dating site on the internet today.

Once you’ve chosen your site, you’ve got to make sure you put in a good amount of time creating your dating profile. If you can’t spend enough time to make sure you’re showing the real you, you’ll have to expect your fair share of mail from people who don’t fit your personality at all.
Of course, having a great picture is key. Check out some advice on your profile photo here. The body of your profile, though, is where you should really shine. Once people are attracted to your photo, this will be their next step. In your interests and info, you should follow these easy guidelines:

1. Be POSITIVE. No one likes a Negative Nancy. Instead of saying “I hate liars,” and “football is stupid and awful,” say “I really appreciate honesty,” and “I’m more a fan of hiking and yoga than other conventional sports.” That way, even if your potential mate is a football connoisseur, he’ll be glad you’re not a couch potato. Unless you are, which leads us to guideline 2:

2. Be HONEST. Everyone can see your picture. If you are photographed in sweatpants, eating chips and watching Law and Order, everyone can tell that you’re not really “totally outdoorsy and really into nature.” There is no need to try and conform to the norm. There is someone out there who would really like to sit and watch court show reruns with you, and that’s the person you should be going for. Being dishonest about your traits and hobbies is just going to end up hurting you. Reading that profile, someone might ask you on a first date: hiking a mountain, having a picnic, and then whitewater rafting. Good luck with that.

3. Be REALISTIC. If you’re pretty overweight and haven’t cooked a meal in your life, you shouldn’t be looking for a super-model who doubles as a world class chef. We all have dreams about meeting some unattainable goddess who just happens to fall for the chubby, video game-playing nerd, and perhaps someday that will happen. But you should brace yourself for less. You should be straightforward with your desires, but saying, “I want a chiseled, Brad Pitt look-a-like who loves shopping and cleaning the house,” probably won’t get you very far. Instead, concentrate on things you want in common, like “someone who likes movies and sleeping in late,” or “someone who’s into role-playing and domination”. Being honest with the world includes being honest with yourself!

Hopefully these guidelines for your dating profile will help you find the guy or lady who is exactly what you are looking for. Remember: be patient. There are 6 billion people in the world. There is someone out there for you!